Democratic Members Commemorate One Year Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy

Oct 30, 2013 Issues: Safe Climate Caucus

WASHINGTON, DC— Yesterday Reps. Paul D. Tonko, Rush Holt, and Matt Cartwright spoke on the House floor to commemorate the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy and discuss the rise of extreme weather events caused by climate change.  Their speeches were part of a special order hour sponsored by the Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition (SEEC).

“Sandy impacted so many states.  Twenty-four states in number felt the impact of that Superstorm.   It was devastation to property, it was devastation to lives – 162 people in the United States lost their lives – and the fact that the storm surged to such record proportions reminds us of the impact of climate change,” said Rep. Tonko, SEEC Co-Chair and a member of the Safe Climate Caucus.

“Superstorms like Sandy are the new normal and we better get used to it, even if climate change skeptics think otherwise,” said Rep. Holt, SEEC Vice-Chair and a member of the Safe Climate Caucus.  “I know some in Washington are skeptical of the role of the federal government in fighting climate change, but as Sandy’s $83 billion price tag should make clear, society, our economy, and our government will bear the cost of climate change one way or another.”

“On this one year anniversary of the horrible tragedy that was Hurricane Sandy, we remember the devastation, we remember the losses, we remember the loss of life, and we remember the communities that are continuing to struggle with the damage that was caused by that storm.  And I say it’s time for us also to plan for the future to minimize these losses that will continue to happen as the planet and climate continue to change,” said Rep. Cartwright, a member of SEEC and the Safe Climate Caucus.

See below or click here to see the special order hour on Hurricane Sandy on YouTube.