Rep. Waxman and Rep. Schiff Lead Effort to Urge Boy Scouts of America to Drop Discriminatory Policy Banning Gay Scouts and Leaders

May 21, 2013 Issues: District Concerns

WASHINGTON, DC— Today Rep. Henry A. Waxman and Rep. Adam Schiff led a letter, joined by 18 Members of Congress, to the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America asking that the organization vote to drop its discriminatory policy that bans gay scouts and scout leaders from membership. 

“For generations, the Boy Scouts have been an important American institution, teaching ethical and moral values and fostering young leaders.  But the ban on gay members is incompatible with the core American values of tolerance and acceptance and inclusion of others,” said Rep. Waxman.  “The Boy Scouts should drop their exclusionary membership policy for both scouts and scouts leaders. “

“The Boy Scouts have helped shape the characters of countless young men, instilling in them the virtues of discipline, community service, fitness and a love of the outdoors.  The organization now stands at an important crossroads and it is my hope that they will grant the opportunity to enjoy the rich benefits of Scouting to gay Scouts, Scout leaders and parents alike,” said Rep. Schiff.

Current policy bans gay youth and leaders from membership.  The National Council of the Boy Scouts of America will gather for its 2013 National Annual Meeting from May 22-24 in Grapevine, Texas.  On May 23, 1,400 members of the National Council will vote on a resolution to overturn the ban on gay youth membership nationwide, but the resolution would maintain the membership ban for gay adults. 

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