Ranking Member Waxman Releases New GM Warranty Claims Data on Recalled Vehicles

Apr 1, 2014 Issues:

WASHINGTON, DC— Today Ranking Member Henry A. Waxman released a supplemental memorandum on findings from never-released GM warranty claims.  Released in advance of this afternoon’s hearing with GM CEO Mary Barra, the memo shows that drivers and GM technicians repeatedly reported the ignition switch defect beginning in 2003. 

An analysis of the warranty claims database by Committee staff revealed 133 cases between June 2003 and June 2012 where customers reported issues related to the ignition switch shutoff to dealers and GM service technicians.  Examples of reported claims include:  “customer states sometimes when bumping ignition switch area vehicle will shut off”; “vehicle stalls out when hitting bump/pothole in road, noticed at 50 MPH”; “customer states when driving vehicle died at highway speeds;” and “when hitting bumps in road vehicle has died four times.”  

The supplemental memo is available online here.