Putting America Back to Work

Rep. Waxman believes the top priority for this Congress should be putting America back to work.

Standing Up for Seniors

Rep. Waxman strongly opposes efforts to end Medicare and cut Medicaid.

Uncovering Waste, Fraud, & Abuse

Rep. Henry A. Waxman has been long regarded as an effective voice for Americans in an era when special interests often dominate public discourse.

Protecting the Environment

Rep. Waxman is a longtime champion of environmental protection and believes climate change is an environmental issue, an economic issue, and also a fundamentally a moral issue.

Making Health Care Accessible & Affordable

New data demonstrates the benefits that the Affordable Care Act has already provided to seniors, young adults, small businesses, and many others in Rep. Waxman’s district as a result of its implementation.

Defending the Rights of Women

Rep. Waxman has opposed every effort in Congress to restrict a woman’s right to choose a safe abortion and is a fierce advocate for women's health.

Holocaust Remembrance and Restitution

Rep. Waxman serves as a Congressional appointee to the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s Memorial Council, and is committed to promoting Holocaust remembrance and pursuing restitution for Holocaust survivors